Prof. Reda Kamel

Prof. Ashraf Khaled

“Knowledge is Power”
The Egyptian Rhinology Society (ERS) was established in 2010. It is the fruit of the continuous work of the team of RhinoEgypt group established in 1990. It gathers all Egyptian doctors interested in the field of Rhinology together.
The mission of the ERS is to:
⁃ Keep otorhinolaryngology doctors updated in the field rhinology
⁃ Encourage young doctors grow in the fields of clinical, teaching and research work
⁃ Offer our patients the state of the art services in the field of Rhinology
The ERS handles the different aspects of rhinology including:
⁃ Endoscopy (basic, advanced and extended including skull base surgery)
⁃ Allergy, inflammation & rhinosinusitis
⁃ Rhinoplasty
⁃ Snoring & OSA
⁃ Faciomaxillary
⁃ Smell & basic science
The ERS runs many scientific activities including the annual RhinoEgypt conference, the hands-on cadaver dissection courses, the annual Pharmacotherapy & Guidlines meeting and many local activities all over Egypt.

The ERS has intimate relationship with many international rhinology societies including the International Rhinology Society (IRS), the International Society of Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN), the European Rhinology Society (IRS). and the Pan Arab Rhinology Society (PARS).
The Pan Arab Journal of Rhinology (PAJR), the ERS website, the scientific RhinoEgypt ORL Facebook platform are different achievements of the ERS to support Rhinology physicians to perform safely and effectively.
“Rhinology Unites _ Together we can make a Big Difference – Together and Only Together”
Reda Kamel